Sunday, 15 April 2012

childhood.. auwwsoomee!!

just chillax PART 1 *teeheee

have you ever confronted with this situation in your childhood? 

if yess?
you're the coolest child ever in your childhood :))


if no?
poor you. you're a bored child, and you just wasting ya childhood with nothin :P


ouh, maafkan saya.... just my 2cent!!....kbai

welcome back :))

please back to reality guys....

the semester has just ended so well, well welll. but tonight, oups maafkan saya..mornim we are young, so lets set the world on fire, we can burn brighter, than the sun peeps *angkat-angkat kening, hahahaa.. thanks to my deary babies baba, ibu and baby for givin me such a great-great days and time. tak akan pernah dapat di mana-mana, trust me :P

katakan kenapa kau buat malamku sukar untuk tidur, menanti esok tiba *sigh..apa? quiz?? *once again sigh plus facepalm, dead meat!!! please please, prepare yourself with anythin for quiz. hahaa. sila membaca ya atika yang pemalas  ); 

this is not a drive by i i i i i i........... just a shy guy lookin for a 2-ply
hefty bag to hold my a a a a a love
when you move me everythin is groovy
they dont like it sue me
they way u do me
oh i swear to ya
ill be there for ya
this is not a drive by.. lalalaa

Sunday, 1 April 2012

first step peeps!!

find the right name for the childcare centre

we (refer to the group members)'ve got so many names for our so-called day-care centre... and lastly we made our best decision and came out with this name GENIUS KIDS day-care centre. auwwsomeee right!! heheee..

*all of u must be wondering why we chose that name kann

the kids themselves, they are sooo genius right. nothin else actually ^_^

and here 

i give the example of the genius kids that we have nowadays......

u got it?
no. u dont, i know... hahahaaa

the conclusion here
kids are so genius :)

the so-called GENIUS KIDS DAY-CARE