Thursday, 3 May 2012

promo promo...

GKDc on progress!!

please spare us your time and one fine day to have a look at our GKDc (Genius Kids Daycare) promo :))

credits to AQ and rekha..

im as a representative for my group members are very sure that the kids would enjoy in every moments cause we got all the fun they need thru learnin. you as their parents wont feel regret, i bet ya..

so many activities which are very interesting that every kids shouldnt be miss it such as being a cook, archer, horse rider and many more.. all of this are include in our syllabus.

in addition, we have an exclusive room which we called it as role-play room where each kids can be anyone they want. it helps the kids to enhance their social skills development and for their self esteem which is good to every kids to representative their self to this world :)

and thats all for promo. hope everyone can gets clear bout GKDc for now. bye

                                                                                                                                     love love love

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